Q: WiFi turn to "Limited Connectivity" every 10mins


Acer Aspire V5 471, Qualcomm Wifi Adapter
Windows 8 64Bit ( last check update 13-12-2012 )
Internet Connection : Fiber Optic 5Mbps Unlimited Internet
Router : Cisco
Wifi : Currently G mode, WPA2-PSK

My internet Connection is working perfectly, i have my ipad, samsung galaxy w connected to the very same Wifi network. Work fine.
With another Old Window 7 Laptop also connected to the same Wifi Network.

My Acer Aspire V5 with Windows 8 having connection issue like below :
  1. Every 8~10mins, my WiFi connection will turn into - Limited Connectivity ( No internet )
  2. Happen in my home WiFi and Office WiFi
  3. Even disconnect constantly when connected to my Samsung Galaxy W Personal Hotspot.
  4. When the Connection turn into - Limited Connectivity, Not Only internet gone, as well as i lose connection to my Network Drive.
    ( i disconnect me when even i transferring files between Local Area Network. )
I have to :
 1. Use the shortcut key to turn into AirPlane Mode, then Turn Off AirPlane Mode, the connection will Reactivate.

What have i done :
  • Keep the Windows Up to Date
  • Download the latest Wifi Driver from Acer Website
  • Untick "Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"
  • Set the Connection to "Non-metered Connection"
  • Change the router Wifi Mode from "Mixed" to "G Only"
The problem still plague my new Windows 8 PC.
* I have switching the airplane mode TWICE when i submitting this post.



The acer site has two sets of drivers - one for windows 8 and one for windows 8 upgraded from windows 7. Have you upgraded your O/S from an earlier version of O/S?

Can you please try the version Atheros and install it using the above method?


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