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I have a lenovo ideapad s205 and after installing win 8 pro wifi does not work. physical button is on, in adapter settings the wifi card is enabled, airplane mode is off. 
i've tried installing the drivers in win 7 compatibility mode, i tried the old win 7 drivers (the official website has download links for win 8 - so it was supposed to work - win assistant was ok with pre-check )
also, the fn+f5 combination key now only shows bluetooth to be disabled or enabled... both wireless connectors were visible pre instalation of win 8 pro.

i kinda' sorta' NEED the wifi to work. any ideas?
thanks a bunch, 

i have the same problem , there is a new win8 driver in , i will try it and ill get back if it works, been trying diffrent things for 3 Days now , even tried change the bios so now i had to reload win 8 and Everything is gone so i have to start over again ....

and hey tell me if you get it to work  ,


i Heard some rumors that ralink tx309x should fix it so i will try that too and paste the link when i find it ,



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what you are doing now, i've done already. the driver on did not help. even went on the card's manufacturer's site to get the most recent driver. still no luck.
i'll keep my fingers crossed for ya'
i'm now reinstalling win 7 and do a regular update, not fresh install, see if that helpes me in any way

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hey, thought you might want to know:

my wifi stopped working after a clean install of win 8 pro. this req me to change drive type from efi to gpt.
don't ask why but i did a fresh install of win 8 release preview and wifi worked again... so i did the win 8 pro install as an upgrade with the tool microsoft provided.

this left the wifi working.

also, VERY IMPORTANT !!!!!
1. when booting the laptop or waking it up from sleep/hibernate wifi always off so i need to press the fn+key comb to get the lenovo energy management window and turn it on.
2. the win 8 energy management software does not provide this feature (independently turn wifi or bluetooth on/off) so i'm using the old win 7 one.

hope it helps, cause it sure eats a LOT of time to fix

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