Remote desktop connection drops repeatedly after upgrading to Windows 8, making it impossible to remote into my work desktop for more than 20 seconds at a time

ChristineML717 asked on
After upgrading to Windows 8 in October, my remote desktop connection to my work computer (running on Windows XP) has become completely useless, dropping every 20-30 seconds for the entirety of its use.  It is become literally impossible for me to remote into my work desktop which is essential as I work Asia hours and travel frequently, forcing me to frequently work remotely.  I have troubleshooted everything, including my work desktop, my work's network connection, Juniper Terminal Services which is the program used, without finding a solution.  After talking to many tech experts and doing many google searches on the issue, it has become clear that problem is most definitely the Windows 8 operating system.  Many other people are having exactly the same issue, all after upgrading to Windows 8.  Make no mistake, this is a Windows 8 issue and Microsoft needs to provide a fix ASAP as millions of people all around the world require the ability to use remote desktop tools everyday to work, and the Windows 8 operating system is inadequate for this purpose in its current state.  

Please provide a solution ASAP.
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