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I cant use remote desktop to access my home windows 8 pro PC from my office XP pro PC

gbswales asked on

I can network from my home (windows 8) computer and connect remotely to my office (windows XP) just fine.  However when I try it the other way around it just wont connect and tells me to contact the other PCs administrator (ie me!)


I am cant see any settings that would prevent this either in my router or windows 8 - but no further explanation is given.  I unticked the box about network secure PCs as this only works for Windows 7/Vista


I have checked windows firewall and have looked at my router - my old router had somewhere to setup trusting for particular IP addresses but the Belkin router I have now doesnt seem to have this.  I have tried it withe the firewall off - still no joy


It is I presume my computers actual IP address rather than the main router address that I need to type in (certainly it is when I connect the other way around.


Looking for ideas I can try next 

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Karthik Vengaloor replied on


I understand that you are facing issues in using remote desktop.


1. Are you getting any error message when you try use remote desktop?
2. Have you made any recent changes to the computer?


I suggest you to follow the article mentioned below and check if it helps


Remote Desktop: Frequently asked questions



Since you are trying to connect from office computer to home network, you need to contact the office administrator.


For further assistance you can post this query in Technet Forums.


You can follow this link to post your question:




For any further Windows related assistance, feel free to contact us and we will be glad to help.

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