web site does not render correctly with ie10

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 I encountered a strange problem, when I visit a web site hosted in my LAN, and the web page only contains a treeview control ( default asp:treeview of visual studio), all its functions is invalid.   But if I visit this web page in Google chrome, all the behaviors will be normal . 

I checked the html source, found the html source is abnormal in IE 10, please refer to below picture( since I can't find anywhere can upload a picture here, so I upload the picture to picasa, one more click and another window is annoying, but...thanks)

figure 1:  

in this picutre: left side is ie10 and its source , right side is chrome and its source, ie10 generate "__doPostback" which is unexpected, and in fact, the "__doPostback" is not added to the web page, and so the result is nothing will happen when click the node. 

not only __doPostback function, but also all the other scripts that should be added to web page automatically, is not added within ie10, the whole source is with html only , no scripts exists. 

But , another strange thing is , if I change the server address from "" to "http://servername/" , ie10 will behavior normal, please refer to this picture: 

figure 2: 

I simply change the url from "" to "http://erp", the html source will be correct, and so the node could be expanded normally.  "erp" is my web server's machine name, and "" is the domain name( machine name of active directory server) . 

I don't understand why all the scripts will lost and the html rendered by treeview control is abnormal when I use "", and , javascript is not disabled, if I add some script by hand, it can be executed normally. please refer to this picture:

figure 3: 

what's more , I have add "" to my trusted sites, and set trusted sites's security level to lowest , and the following picture is the screenshot of my security setting: 

figure 4: 

and , the internet explorer does know this web page is a trusted site, and the protected mode is set to off : 

figure 5: 

At last, if I browse the web page in compatible view, the web page will be normal , too. 

so, what's wrong with ie10?  
and what's the difference between "http://serverName" and "" ? 

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