Q: A network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken - error message

I bought an MSI laptop about a month and a half ago, and since I've had it I've had issues with the internet connection dropping. It's Windows 8, and after troubleshooting the message says "A network cable is not properly plugged in or may be broken" - as far as the issue being the cable, no other device in the house has that issue, just my laptop. It looks like this is a common Windows issue, but no one can give me a Windows 8 solution!!

Please help!



Hi all

In the end I found a disc in the box my laptop came in with wireless internet drivers and after downloading it seems to be working fine - my bad.

It's definitely a driver issue but if any of you have MSI laptops good luck, that website is not easy to navigate and I had no idea which driver to install, it was a list of numbers and letters.

Thanks so much to this forum, you guys are on form! I had a response so quickly.

Hope everyone else finds their solutions!

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