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Screen "flickering" when running Windows 8 on a Dell latitude E6410

ToreMolde asked on

On Windows 8, my Latitude E6410 screen (1440x900 - 60Hz - NVidia NVS3100M) is flickering. It almost looks like Windows 8 has some strange setting for the refresh rate of the screen. The problem is always strongest if the system has been shutdown or hibernate, the becomes less apparent after a while - but you can clearly see it as the lines flow over the screen. Almost like watching a video recording of someones screen with a poor quality hand held camera... I had no problem what so ever with this on Windows  7. The system is dual boot, so if I start Win7, there is no such problem.

I have tried multiple drivers, but alas the problem is still there.

There is one other post on this found on the nett(so I am not alone with this problem), Anyone else experiencing this and hopefully found a solution?

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