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I upgraded from Vista to Windows 8, and was happy to see that Win8 instantly detected my trusty Canoscan n670u scanner and recognised it as an attached device. It shows up, correctly identified, in Device Manager  I tested the scanner via Device Manager, and the diagnostics went fine - it buzzed away, and the screen displayed a successful test message. Great.


However, when I use the Windows Fax & Scan wizard and click New Scan, I get the message no scanner detected.




I tried acquiring an image using Onenote. The scanner went through calibration, apparently successfully, then just as it was about to start the scan, came to a halt with an error message.


Help! It's a perfectly good piece of hardware. What I really don't understand is that Win8 apparently automatically detected and installed drivers for it, but won't let me actually scan anything.???


Any suggestions?



Ah HA!

Sorted it out this morning.

I downloaded the Vista version of  'Canoscan Toolbox' software from the Canon Support site (, installed and ran the compatibility wizard. Success!

Scanner working fine, though software seems to forget the default settings each I close it down.

No matter.

Thanks for your reply anyway - if anyone else asks you can point them to this!

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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