Q: Driver Verifier Detected Violation

I'm Hit with Driver Verifier Detected Violation when i'm playing music 
using wmp / playing game and the sounds suddenly stop and hit 
with Blue screen with error "Driver Verifier Detected Violation". I'm 
using windows 8 64bit.

I attached the dump file generated at C:/Windows/Minidump
at link below:!462&authkey=!AHbHxGBpNywGMHk

Please kindly help me to solve this issue ,thanks.

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The minidump file showed the driver that caused the crash was the nvlddmkm.sys:


BUCKET_ID:  0xc4_91_nvlddmkm+1b7221


The nvlddmkm.sys, which is dated Dec 29, 2012. is the NVIDIA graphics driver.


Try uninstalling the graphics driver and then install the latest WHQL version:

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