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can't install Epson perfection 1240u

PJT1950 asked on
I can't install Epson perfection 1240u on Windows 8, I have tried looking for drivers on Epson website and Microsoft but no luck.  I now have a scanner worth a lot of money that I can't use.  Any ideas please
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BryanILee replied on

Ok, I think I finally got this working!  I found this page http://www.nickles.de/forum/drucker-scanner-kombis/2012/epson-perfection-1240u-unter-windows-8-64bit-538955665.html which seemed to help.  It's in German, but Google Chrome can translate it pretty well.


Basically uninstall your 1240 drivers and software.   Then, oddly enough, install the drivers for Epson Perfection 2400 (not 1240).


I then went to Device Manager and under Imaging devices there was a EPSON Perfection entry.  So then I right-clicked on Properties, Driver..., Update Driver...

Browse My Computer for Driver Software

then Let Me Pick...

then I had to uncheck the box for Show Compatible Drivers,

then chose Epson Perfection 2400.  (Again, not 1240)


After a restart of Windows, I can now scan from my Perfection 1240U in Windows 8 64-bit!


(There's also a program called VueScan which worked, but unless you purchase the product it puts an annoying watermark on each scanned image).


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Ganesh Achar B replied on



Thank you for posting your question on Microsoft Community!


After going through your description, it appears that you need more information regarding Epson perfection 1240u installation.


Install the Epson perfection 1240u in Windows 7 compatible mode.


I would suggest you to download and install the Windows 7 compatible driver in compatibility mode.


You can download the driver from the following link.


Epson perfection 1240u



What is program compatibility?



Making older programs compatible with this version of Windows



Compatibility Center.



Hope the above information helps. Please do let us know if you need further help, we'll be happy to assist you!

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