Windows 7 version of Spider Solitaire in Windows 8 - Help!!!

How do I find my Microsoft Windows 7 version of Spider Solitaire in Windows 8, complete with a four suit option and all the regular features am used to? I can't find a way to navigate no matter what I click! One of the biggest reasons I am dying to downgrade to windows 7 (am sternly warned not to dare!) is because for some wicked and absolutely mean reason, Microsoft decided to do away with spider solitaire and all other games as we know them. I can't for the life of me think why, in building windows 8, it was necessary to change everything, EVERYTHING including stuff that worked very well. I can't close any documents, ( where is my beloved simple X button!). I hate Bing which has been forced down my throat and don't even get me started on the missing Start Button! I am not a computer whizz, just a regular user and am frustrated like ****! If it ain't broke don't fix it! Someone suggested that maybe the big corporates requested it. Well then, remove them only in the professional versions and keep them in the home versions! Mscheeewwww! I am really bitter with Microsoft. If I had known how much of a monster this Windows 8 is, I swear I would never have purchased a new computer preloaded with it. I miss my wonderful fabulous beautiful Windows 7. Alas! They stole my computer so I had to go back to the store! Could life be any more unfair? Someone please give me a little redemption by helping me find my spider solitaire as I know it - simple, clean uncomplicated fun. You open and play and shut it or save it.


 And don't tell me to go to xbox live!


Waaah I LOATHE Windows 8!


Sorry these games were removed from Windows 8 by design and are no longer available period. You can Download Microsoft Solitaire Collection or other third party Apps from the store. Hope this helps and if you need further assistance post and we will be glad to Help you.



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