Q: 1607 unable to install InstallShield scripting runtime

I'm using Windows 8, but my computer came with Windows 7. I upgraded by downloading Windows 8. I'm trying to install Zoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate Collection, but I keep getting the error listed in the title. I've tried searching for solutions, but everything is usually for Windows XP or Vista.



Thank you for a quick update on this issue.

As you said that you are using a disk to install the game, let’s check if the game is compatible with Windows 8.

It looks like Zoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate Collection is not compatible with Windows 8. You can refer to the link to check for its compatibility using Windows Compatibility center:
Moving forward, let’s try to install the game in Windows 7 compatibility mode.

You can refer to the link to install the game in Windows compatibility mode:

Run programs made for previous versions of Windows
Follow the section “Apply a compatibility mode

Hope it helps.

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