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I've been monitoring my C:\ drive for a bit now that I noticed that it dropped 6 GB somewhere.  I originally had 11 GB free on my C:\ drive, but then I noticed a few weeks later I was down to around 5.5 GB and this was without any new programs installed.  I set to monitoring this and good see my freespace shrinking very quickly - within another day I had lost around another 600 MB.

I free'd up a bunch more space by getting rid of my Windows.old folder which brought me back up to 12.7 GB of free space.  I've been monitoring this now for a few days and can still see the free space shrinking.  It seems to be shrinking on order of 600-800 MB a day.

The one folder I can see consistently growing is C:\Windows\System32\config (I've been using TreeSize and WinDirStat to monitor).  This folder just keeps growing and growing.  From what I can see the majority of growth seems to be in the -regtrans-ms file types?  Whatever file types they are are hidden from me because I can only see them via running TreeSize elevated.

Any ideas on what I can do or what may be causing this?

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DavidRaber replied on

This problem has been bothering me for a while, so I'm hoping this will help some people:

To summarize the thread, users noticed mysterious files of the following formats appearing every 3 minutes in C:/Windows/System32/config: 
DRIVERS{guid}.TMContainer00000000000000000001.regtrans-ms (512 KB)
DRIVERS{guid}.TMContainer00000000000000000002.regtrans-ms (512 KB)
DRIVERS{guid}.TM.blf (64 KB)

A user (and my savior) reported that the problem stopped once he uninstalled nVidia's 3D vision driver.  I don't understand much about these files, but from reading the thread, it appears they're related to creating backups whenever registry writes happen to allow rollback.

I see two problems:
1. nVidia has a crappy service running which is altering the registry every 3 minutes.
2. There's no built in way in windows to safely backup the registry and purge these change files in case things get out of hand.

TL;DR - If you've got nVidia 3D vision drivers installed, try uninstalling them and removing the offending files.  Worked for me!
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