How do you install .man files or other files that Windows does not recognize?

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I found my own answer. I'm just posting in case someone else has a similar issue.


I was trying to install software on my computer which was supposed to be a 'msi' file and installed as a '.man' file. Basically, Windows will not recognize certain code types which install files may install as. Microsoft help and live chat did not help so I called my dad and the solution is relatively simple: Change the file type manually.


1) Go Control Panel

2) Search for Folder Options and open it.

3) Uncheck Hide file extensions

4) Go back to where the file was saved (make a copy of it just in case)

5) Change the ending to .msi or your file type of choice

6} Window pops up asking if you wanted to change the file type and click ok.


Hope this helps someone as lost as I was!




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Entegy replied on

Well, .man isn't a valid file type for installers, so now the question is why the heck you were given a .man as an installer file to begin with. You might want to inform the place you got the installer from.

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