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Ctrl Z in Explorer didn't undo - it deleted and I cannot restore the files!

MélanieHope asked on
I accidentally overwrote a file I was trying to move the other direction. I hit ctrl+Z to undo. This instead deleted all of the files in the folder!! They are nowhere on the computer. They are not in the Recycle Bin. File recovery had nothing.  Please help me!
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omega-good replied on

Oh MélanieHope - I'm only replying to commiserate with you on this shockingly absurd design flaw in Windows 8/7/XP - I just lost and entire set of photos from our family vacation when I accidently hit Control-Z (thought a different window was active) and when I tried to hit Control-Y redo it could no longer find the SD card location (of course).

astounding - there is no warning that WIndows 8 will permanently delete your files in this scenario. (!!??)

A simple warning pop-up box would suffice. That's all - misery avoided.

It's simple (but brutal) little design flaws like this that really infuriate people - and that residual head-crushing angst that slowly sets in is a feeling of being trapped - because due to the "miracle of the free market" we have a whopping two (2) OS's to chose from - the switching cost often too substantial for most to bare - the non-existent competition always pushing the string of "innovation" - pardon the cynicism (it's useless or worse, I know). Really shoulda deleted this useless venting paragraph. 

Although any response is appreciated (thank you John) it's this peculiar kind of sterility in the tone and content (all with goodwill) that somehow triggers this limbic level urge to take a butcher knife to my laptop screen. Again, my problem, not John's - he's bringing positive energy with good intent (very appreciated).

What I want to hear from John or his equivalent / the Windows product team / Congress / the UN / anyone is: 

"yes, I know, insane right? I'm so sorry, this **** is ridiculous, you'd think we'd pay especially close attention to any and all scenarios where users could accidentally lose personal files permanently (especially non-recreatable photos) because we know nothing elses triggers more rage - regardless we'll be escalating the warning feature (pop-up/dialogue box)  for irrevocable Control Z deletions in release XXX.XXX.XX - thank you for highlighting another silly (but often brutal) oversight in our software - we know this has been an issue for many years - time to finally correct it!" 

I am not some fumbling senior-citizen who gets the right and left mouse button functions mixed up regularly - I'm a systems and software architect (15 years) and I'm reminded of the basic principle of isolating those scenarios that would cause the most rage/despair/violent equipment destruction in your user/the human being (there are an isolatable few situations) and give special attention to eliminating/accommodating those events - even for the feeble, techno-clumsy among us - like me.

seriously, please - just build a warning pop up box.

That's all, please.

don't' let this happen to another person. (not another "user") - we are real people clicking on important virtual stuff - people with 8 year old sons who were body surfing in Lake Michigan last week - the pictures were amazing - you shoulda seen em.

Thank You 

I love you - all of you.


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