Extendable chat platform in Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

There simply aren't great Windows 8 style chat apps. IM+ for instance is bugy as ****, other options don't cover that many protocols or are just extremly bad. I have come to ask myself 'Why isn't there something, like the chat app integrated in Windows Phone, but just extandable with other protocols in the same style like lenses in the camera app?' The same thing could be done in Windows 8 - even the SMS stuff, if Microsoft used the GSM/CDMA/3G/LTE capabilities it already programmed as a class driver. This also wouldn't upset developers much, as there would still be room for "plug-ins" for the protocols or other functionality, but it would be much more energy-efficient and the quality would be better, becuase the platform would be optimized. Communication is a part of the modern operating system, and people don't like to think, where they find their friends (oh, this one is on GTalk, so I need an app for that ... well, this one sucks, let's try a different one, no this one also sucks...) Nobody likes this.

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