why is windows 8 not called windows tablet

the reason for my question is because i have noticed a lot of people includeing my fellow classmates disapprove of the windows 8 OS cause it should have only been for the tablet that microsoft is distributing right now the OS then has troubles with games like minecraft and a select few other games wich brings me to the main part of my question why is it that this OS had to be so buggy and pointless for the computer its like the old aol for kids OS its like oh hey look at how our display is so jumbled up and there isnt a start menu thisd isnt even windows any more its like back when vista sucked when it came out but when 7 came along it was a great OS so why windows 8? improve upon 7 instead and leave the windows tablet evolve along side it?


please explain this too me cause id like to get some input from the people who work for microsoft please


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Windows 8 is, from what I can tell, pretty much Windows 7 under the hood and doesn't seem to me to be significantly more buggy than is Windows 7.  Are you saying this from personal experience or are you simply parroting what others have said?


Windows 8 makes a fairly good non-touch operating system if you employ the desktop interface.  I think Windows 8.1 will be even better from that aspect.


Windows 8 may run on a tablet, but I wouldn't call it a tablet OS.  The real tablet OS is Windows RT, which is evolving along side of Windows 8, so you've gotten your wish even before you asked.

from personal expirience with the windows 8 OS it just doesnt make a good desktop OS i did how ever have the p[lesure of useing it on a tablet and it makes a better tablet os than it does a desktop OS but what im tring to say is windows 7 should have been the base for windows 8 cause windows 7 has a better layout and you lose a lot of you xomputers potentail like with the google chrome book if u know how to install windows onto that you can walk away with a really powerful labtop see it just seems like windows 8 was total **** but it makes a better tablet OS thats all im tring to say windows 7 should be employed futher because there are a lot of people that liked the little cool things that Aero did in 7 so this is where i previously stated i just think they should have evloved 7 and let 8 [tablet] run along side it but thats not the case thankfully for thers the windows 7 is going to be supported till what was it 2016? but i know this question isnt going to change anything i was only curious is all cause im at job corps learning all of this but everyone in my class avoids our windows 8 labtop like the plague i understand thier frustration myself but at the same time i find myself being drawn away from windows to linnux or Ubuntu --- [yes i know it is linnux based] it may seem like im parroting what others say but thats not the case i can see where it could be a good OS i just think it would have done better as a Tablet OS. thank you for your input by t5he way i havent tried Windows RT yet so im going to see if i cant get a tablet with that on it to see what i think about it.
oh and in no way am i tring to sound like im contradicting myself  but i was only asking a question that makes sence to me to see if anyone from microsoft or someone of not limited knowledge could see where i am comeing from

I'm sure you'll find others who would agree with you.  My personal experience with Windows 8 is by using it on a non-touch desktop computer and I find it quite usable.  It has the functionality Windows 7 had.  Yes, the Modern UI is very touch-centric, but that doesn't necessarily imply tablet (although many touch-enabled devices are tablets).  Moreover, I'd bet anything that Windows 8 is largely the same code base as Windows 7 with the Modern UI bolted on top.  The Desktop UI is almost identical to Windows 7.  Nothing says you have to use the Modern UI most of the time or even at all (except at startup) and when Windows 8.1 is installed, you'll be able to boot to the Desktop UI.


Windows RT, however, is strictly a tablet operating system.  In my (considered) opinion, Windows 8 is not strictly a tablet operating system.  You shouldn't confuse Windows 8 with Windows RT.


Personally, I think the Start Screen is more usable on a desktop than the start menu ever was. The ability to completely configure how my programs are laid out is brilliant, and it has more screen space and not just a linear list on the left-hand side. It works but people are just too scared to give it a shot.

i am not confusing windows RT with windows 8 im just asking why in therory the touch screen modes impracticallity on a desktop un ess you buy a touchsdcreen monitor it feels like you are loseing a lot of potentail in the OS cause it literally means you are playing with a half baked desktop OS. Being able to boot into desktop modeisnt the issue the issue is that in a way microsoft has made a revolutionary OS but applied it to to many platforms and has yet to make that last little leap to a great desktop OS but no they have windows 8 basically saying hey im both a tablet OS and a desktop OS. I'm not tring to deny it has potentail i just don't see where all that power this OS has lies it just seems like it is very weak at this point in time im not tring to sound argumentitive ive given this OS a really good test drive i just don't see it as a good OS yet is all it just feels like microsoft put out a beta OS right after 7 was being perfected and they say oh hey everybody we are so good at what we do we are launching a OS right after our last one almost got to its peak it just seems like a slap in the face is all im getting at cause if they waited till later to launch this OS it would have been better because lets look at the past shall we the windows XP [2000] was out for a long time then the baby OS Vista came out and it was a okay OS for a little while then a few years ago 7 came out and it was an evolved Vista OS and it made everyone who hated vista fall in love with it and it revolutionized a lot on the microsoft OS but not 2 years later here comes windows 8..... it just didnt go over well with the general public because people were thionking oh hey maybe they took everything that made 7 awesome and implemented it here but alas it wasnt so making a lot of people mad
i agree the start screen is relitivly easier to use and yes people are to scared to give it a shot but if when the put it out that useing the windows key on the keyboard became practically useless something tells me if they made it to where that key toggled the layout that people might get used to it being on the desktop because it feels really frustrating not having that toolbar on the bottom of the screen
If you want touch without a touch screen, companies like Logitech are making touchpads that allow you to control the screen as though it were touch.

Not having that toolbar in the bottom of the screen just allows applications more room on the screen. If you need to switch apps, you just bring up the Start Screen through the bottom left corner of the screen. I honestly think it's super easy. I taught my daughter how to play a lot of games through the Modern UI and she's 3! When she's bored of a game, she goes right back to the Start Screen and plays another one.


It's clear when I see complaints about Windows 8, people just don't like radical changes without an option to get back to something familiar. People really need to just learn the new OS. I had to adjust too but now it's very easy to me.