Creating Shutdown and Restart Shortcuts for the Start Screen and Desktop

Describes how to create a shutdown and restart shortcut that can be placed on the desktop or Start Screen. Basic skills required.

Many people have complained about how difficult it is to find the restart and shutdown buttons.  This article will explain how to create desktop shortcuts for these functions that can also be pinned to the Start screen.


1.  Right-click the desktop and click the "Shortcut" tab in the "New" folder:



2.  Enter ‘shutdown.exe -s -t 00’ (without the quotation marks) for a shutdown shortcut or ‘shutdown.exe -r -t 00’ for a restart shortcut.


3.  Click "Next" and enter the name you want your shortcut to have, such as Shutdown or Restart.


4.  Click OK.


Now you have created a shutdown or restart shortcut.  You can pin it to the Start Screen by selecting the tile, then right-clicking it and choosing "Pin to Start":



Double-click the desktop shortcut or single-click the Start screen tile to activate the command.


Feel free to use the comments section below to contact me if you have any difficulties.


Creating Shutdown Shortcuts.

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