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Windows Update fails with code 800B0001 when checking WSUS (works for web updates) after installing latest version of Windows Update software

The White Wolf asked on

I have checked through this site and tried installing the System Update Readiness Tool and all the relevant "Fix It" utilities I could find and none fix the problem. I'm about to try uninstalling the latest Windoes Update patch to see if that fixes the problem but would like a better solution if one exists.


This is a Windows 7 Ent. x64 system and a fresh install of the OS. Dual-Core Intel 2.67 GHz processor with 2 GB RAM.

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sea_compgeek replied on
I was having the same issue on my systems and found this patch for WSUS 3.0 SP2. It was released around the same timeframe that Microsoft change the client on Microsoft Update.

I applied the patch on my WSUS server last night and my clients automatically updated there Windows Update client to what appears to be the same version as listed on Microsoft Update. My machines no longer have the issue and I can switch between checking WSUS and Microsoft Update without issue. 
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Preeti Patel replied on

Hi MZsunny,

Thank you for contacting Microsoft Community.

I suggest you to post your issue in windows TechNet forum for further assistance with this issue. We have a dedicated team with advance Tool and Permission to help you fix this issue.

Follow the link:

Hope this information will help.


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