why can't windows 7 install updates?

thomas48kelly asked on
Every time I shut down, I get a message: Installing updates. Do not switch off your computer. Eventually the computer "installs" the 4 updates and shuts down, but next time it's switched on it says preparing to configure windows. 0% complete. This "hangs" for a while, then I get the individual users account log in screen and everything seems to work OK. When I shut down again, though, it goes through the same rigmarole again and also on start up. This has been happening for a week. Any ideas how to stop it?
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MowGreen replied on
Please try resetting Windows Update components by downloading and saving the Fixit on this page - How do I reset Windows Update components ?

When the download completes, close all open programs and browsers.
Now run MicrosoftFixit50202.msi and choose it's Default mode.
When it's finished running see if the system can search for, detect, download, and install updates.

If no joy, then suggest that you configure the system to Clean boot .
After restarting to the Clean boot state, run the Fixit once more and choose it's Aggressive mode.
When it's finished running see if the system can update while still in the Clean boot state, including restarting the system to see if the "hang" still occurs.

* Suggest you leave one update to do later when the system is running in normal Windows mode. *

NOTE: In the Clean boot state all 3rd party firewalls will be Disabled.
Ensure that the native Windows 7 firewall is now On.

If the "hang" is not occurring when the system has been updated in the Clean boot state after running the Fixit, then undo the Clean boot steps and restart to normal Windows mode.
Now see if the one remaining update installs properly.

If the hanging issue is still occurring in the Clean boot state, then please copy and paste the last 50 or so lines of the WindowsUpdate.log into your reply - How to read the Windowsupdate.log file

If the issue only occurs in normal Windows mode, then 3rd party software is the most likely cause.

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Babu V replied on


Let’s reset Windows Update components and check if that helps.

“Manually reset Windows Update components”

Important: Follow the steps in this section carefully. Serious problems might occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Before you modify it, back up the registry for restoration in case problems occur.


Also run System File Checker tool.

Use the System File Checker tool to repair missing or corrupted system files


Keep us posted on the status of the issue.

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