Q: hangs at shut down while installing one note update

I can't figure out how to bypass the one note update. All updates do fine on shut down except this one and it hangs the computer until I force a shutdown using the power button. I have run the fix it program and it doesn't find any issues. If I manually select updates and deselect the one note update, all of them are successful. However, I can't seem to stop it from trying to install that every night when I shut down. i don't use one note and could care less if it updates. I want an easy fix for someone that is not computer savy.





Were there any changes made on the computer prior to the issue?


Method 1:

I would suggest you to refer the article and try to run the troubleshooter:

Open the Windows Update troubleshooter


Method 2:

I would suggest you to try downloading the update in clean boot mode and then try to install it.

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7


Note: Also, see the section on how to return your computer to a Normal startup mode by following the steps under “Reset the computer to start as usual”.


Method 3:

You may also try to hide the update. Refer the section “I keep being offered an update from Windows that I don’t want or that I already removed” in the following article:

Troubleshoot problems with installing updates

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