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After updates from Tuesday 09-11-12 on my Sony Laptop, the laptop will now only boot to a flashing cursor. You do not hear the harddrive startup period. The only way around this is to use a Repair Disk for Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit to allow unit to boot. Then he update continues, as in a reboot, and then goes to the logon screen. Boot sector messed up maybe. What should be the proper procedure to recover this. The unit still boots to a flashing cursor if I do not use the Repair disk (dvd). Thanks ahead of time.


Original title:Update from 09-11-2012 will not allow Sony laptop to boot, flashing cursor.



Here is the answer...  A friend came over Wednesday last and tryed to help me out. While I went to get some coffee my friend adjusted something for me with out telling me. We cover a lot of subjects so he forgot to state same.

Well I started this morning and went back over all of my areas that may cause this problem. The boot bios had the HD as last item to boot; dvd, thumb drive, HD.

So with no thumb drive present we have a blinking cursor.    TA-DA!

Problem fixed. Thaniks for the assitance. Everyone have a great day!!

Sir Walter

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