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I've install windows 7 and like it's excitement, i install the update, but i found that the problem is in the networking. Suddenly i cannot connect to the internet using my broadband connection, the troubleshooting is i have to disable my LAN, and try to repair the trouble, and it can connect again to the net. But, if i don't install the update, it can connect anytime without doing the "ritual", i've try to restore the system earliaer before the update. Any suggestion or the update is really a bug? Thanx alot in advance...



A more appropriate location to look for Windows 7 answers is here -

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My Windows 7 machine has all updates that are available and is running fine.

I had an occasion where a driver was broken with an update. My solution was to install the most current driver for that device and it was resolved.

When you post on the Windows 7 forum more information such as the brand & model of the network card and the number of the update that broke it would be helpfull.

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