Q: System Restore and Security Updates

Did System Restore to a March 22, 2010, as Windows Explorer had become deadly slow and I was unable to determine why. Seems fine now.

My question is: 

Do I need to download and install again the Security updates for Windows XP (Professional sp3) released since the System Restore date? 

Since the Sys Restore, the Add/Remove Progams list doesn't list any of the updates done since Feb 10 except Hotfix -KB979306 and Security Update - KB975561) although the Microsoft Windows Update Service online lists 20 or more that were previously downloaded.

I'd appreciate it if someone could shed some light on this for me.






Yes, Automatic Updates is enabled. When I ran a manual check for updates via earlier today, a handful of optional updates and only one critical update was listed - Cumulative Security Update for IE8 for WinXP (KB980182) - so I downloaded and installed that no problem. And it shows in the Add/Remove Programs list.

My security services software (Radialpoint) is complete and current; I subscribe through my ISP. No other anti-virus/security application is on my system.

....Having looked more closely - searching on the microsoft site for some of these updates and looking at the list of Updates to my computer from there, it actually looks I might have all the critical updates.  And that long list of updates in late March were repeats of updates from previous months.  I guess it is related to the "unknown issue" that I had starting around March 26 or so.  One issue I do know resulted in my Permissions being messed up - lots of access denied.  That might be why.

Hopefully, all is okay now and "fingers crossed" it won't happen again. I'll monitor the Automatic Updates and do a manual check from time to time to ensure all is working as it should.  Appreciate your response.



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