Q: When i open full screen, it will autominize! This thread is locked from future replies

When i open full screen, window will help me auto minimize to taskbar.
whatever i do, i restart, i click to maximize it.
it will be auto minimize back.
so, i am now can't open full screen programs.
i have encounter this problem every times after window update!
anyone face the same problem with me?or anyone can help me?



Hi Chee Siang:

It sounds like your problem is in the “Taskbar” Settings:

Try this: Right click on the Taskbar, click Properties, then look at the “Auto Hide The Taskbar” see if there is a check in the box. If there is, remove it. If there is not, put one there, click “Apply” then remove the check and click “Apply” once more.

You may want to reboot to make sure the settings will stick, (though not always necessary).


Hope this helps, let us know what happens, if it fixes the problem, and please click the “Answered button”.

Thanks for the post

Don Maxwell.


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