Q: Operating system not found!

Appreciate if anybody can help me resolve this problem. We were running window server 2008, yesterday when we shut down the server everything was working find, the shut down was normal and nothing unusual happened. This morning when we start the server, the screen was black and only "Operating system not found" appeared on the screen.

When we reboot, entered bios setup, the disk at sata 0 was reset to "NONE", we tried to select "AUTO" and the system not able to read the disk info. We tried using system repair (setup disk) to recover but unsuccessful. There was no way we can access to the system disk???

What is happening to the disk? We did not perform anything on the disk and it was working properly yesterday. We have important data inside, hope anybody can help let us know how to resolve the operating system problem or at least recover the data from the disk. We are worried that the hard disk was permanently damaged....

Thank you very much in advance.





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