Why do I have 2 versions of Windows Media Player on Windows XP?

I have just bought a Netbook with Windows XP Home Edition, service pack 3. The last in the shop as they told me,they are not making Windows XP any more. And I am very pleased with Windows XP. I also have Windows 7 and I find Windows XP to be different from Windows 7. In that it has some more features.

My Windows XP has IE6 and Windows Media Player 9,which I am very pleased with as it is different and is a nicer theme than Windows 7's Windows Media Player 12. But I noticed that Windows Media Player 9 has got a second media player included in it. Windows Media Player 6.4 also known as mplayer 2. Which I found out about because my friend told me I could find an ealier version of WMP, WMP 6.4 by typing mplayer 2.exe in Windows search in Windows XP. And I find that WMP 6.4 also plays my media well and I quite like it. And it is handy to have 2 media players.

But I just want to ask why on does Windows XP include an older version of Windows Media player 6.4 as well as Windows Media Player 9? Is it because some people using Windows XP preferred the older version to a new one?

 I am quite interested to know as we only have one version of Windows Media Player on Windows 7. And Windows 7 will not let you install an older version. Andrea Borman.
Well,on Windows XP I have Windows Media Player 9. And Windows Media Player 6.4,which is also known as mplayer 2 is inside the WMP 9 program file on c/drive. And I have made a desktop shortcut so I can just click on WMP 6.4 when I want to use it.

Apparently,WMP 6.4 is bundled in with Windows Media Players 9,10 and 11 on Windows XP,so I read. But I am not complaining about it,as both WMP 9 and WMP 6.4 work well. And there is yet another earlier version of WMP,WMP 5.1. Which you can find by typing mplay32. And you can also create a shortcut of WMP 5.1 on your desktop as well.

But WMP 5.1 has limited functions and will only play wmv files not avi files. And will play any videos it cannot play as audio files. So WMP 6.4 is better for all purpose use and can also be set as your default player. But WMP 5.1 cannot be set as your default player,but it will still play videos. And all three versions of Windows Media Player run side by side.

I am just curious to know why they still have these two earlier versions of windows Media Player on Windows XP. Here is where I found out about the two hidden versions of Windows Media Player. http://hubpages.com/hub/Hidden-Secret-Applications-of-Windows-XP-The-Hidden-Secret-Programs-in-Windows-XP

Andrea Borman.
Andrea Borman.

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