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I'd greatly appreciate any help or feedback on a sudden issue or problem that I'm getting, when I turn on my dell pc with Windows 7 os.  Every time that I turn on my pc and log-in with my user password; a box comes up titled "User Account Control".  Within that box is stated; "Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to this computer?"  Every time that I click on the "No" tab, this same box comes right back up and continues to not allow me to access any programs or to even shut down my pc from the desktop.  Within that "User Account Control" box that comes up , it states the "Program Name:" as "Windows Command Processor" and the "Verified Publisher:" as "Microsoft Windows".  Clicking on the "Show Details" button within that box; it, then, states the "Program Location:" as "C:\Windows\SysWow64\cmd.exe\C", "C:\users\tomr\appdata\local\temp\low\obupdat.exe".  I have no idea what this is, but the one part of it, "temp", makes me think that it might be some temporary internet program that is trying to force me to click on the "Yes" bottom of this "User Account Control" box which keeps coming up so that it can make some kind of corrupt changes to my pc.  Again, I would sincerely appreciate anyone who might know anything about what I've just described and could advise me on whether or not, there is no harm to my pc from simply clicking on the "Yes" bottom to allow this certain program to make changes to my pc.  Thanks very much for your time in reading this and all take care.  Tom R         

I agree with your idea that the program is probably malicious, and you should definitely click "No".

If you don't have an up-to-date virus scanner (such as you had one, but it is expired and needs a payment), let me suggest that you remove the outdated one and install the free Microsoft Security Essentials instead. It is free and never requires a subscription to keep you protected.

If you already have good, updated virus protection, I would continue onward by deleting all your temp files.

  1. Press +R and paste this in:

  2. Delete everything in that folder.

  3. Press +R again and paste this in:

  4. In the Cleanup Manager box that opens, select all items (unless you specifically want to keep a certain item), then click OK to remove them.

  5. Press +R again and paste this in:

  6. This time, click "Clean up system files" and repeat the same step to clean up those files as well.

  7. Press Press +R again and paste this in:
  8. Go to the Startup tab and uncheck anything you don't recognize (or anything you don't specifically want auto-starting), then click OK

After these cleanups, I would run a full scan with your virus scanner, then restart and see how it runs.

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Hi Shawn;  Sincerely appreciate you taking the time to respond to my request for help & advice to my stated pc problem.  I did do disk clean up & deleted all of my temporary internet files which looks to have stopped that "User Account Control" box from continuously popping up which wouldn't let me open up any folders on my desktop or even click on the shut down button to turn off my pc.  But, I have a couple questions with regards to your replied answer & suggestions which I would greatly appreciate your feedback on also.

First; something else with my pc started happening just last night and maybe it in association or linked to whatever it was that caused the "User Account Control" pop up box issue which has stopped happening.  What is happening now and even while I've been typing this message to you.  My monitor's screen will suddenly become black as though it has been turned off or in screen saver sleep mode and only by moving the mouse will the screen come back up with the internet page that I was on.  It's sporadic and will happen 3 or 4 times over a 15 second time frame and then, not again for a minute or two later.  I suspect that it's must be some kind of virus which is causing this to happen.

Now to my question(s) and keep in mind that you're talking with a guy who is pretty much overall a clueless person when it come to a computer.  That's why I have a big appreciation & respect for guys like you who have taken the time to become knowledgeable on the pc.  Especially; those such as you who take the time and willingly try to help & educate pc idiots like me.

The only virus protection that I am using to protect my pc, is the "Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Pro" software program.  This is not the free version of software and is the paid for real-time protection software from Malwarebytes.  Is this a protection software that can & will provide my pc with effective protection from getting a virus and that will almost always be able to detect & remove any virus which my pc may have gotten?  Or, should I have additional protection along with the Malwarebytes program, such as the Microsoft Security Essentials free version of protection software which you had recommended in your reply to me?  On my previous desktop Dell pc; I used to have the free version of Malwarebytes software along with the McAfee protection program which my ISP, Cox, offers & gives to their internet subscribers for free.  But, I've always heard that McAfee protection software is not very good and the free version of Malwarebytes would find malicious Trojan type files in my previous pc that McAfee wouldn't.  That's why I paid for & installed the Malwarebytes Pro protection software in my new Dell desktop pc and didn't bother to also install the McAfee software from my Cox ISP.

What do you think, Shawn?  I really could use some more of your advice & thoughts on this stuff.  I ran the Malwarebytes scan about an hour ago and it came up with no infected files on my pc, but I have continued to have those moments of my screen suddenly going black during the entire time of typing this message to you.

Thanks very much and sorry for the very long email, but I wanted to make sure that you had a good overall understanding of my pc matters.

Tom R      

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I'm not sure on the monitor blanking, but I think it sounds like you know more than you think and have researched your antivirus options.  Malware Bytes it great tool and protects against malware, but I would recommend combining it with a virus scanner as well.  My personal recommendation is Microsoft Security Essentials because it is free (no subscription) and doesn't seem to slow down a system like Norton and McAfee can do.
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Oh this definitely a virus. Trojan Virus. Obupdat.exe it tries to install. trojan.win32.rozena.rpcs he got. Not sure on what type of virus it is for him? Most likely this one? But its a trojan virus. My friend got it actually some how by being on instagram. Gosh the weird places you dont even expect it. He had to take a extreme procedure to just get rid of it. He first did a system-restore. One way to get around it is Ctrl-Alt-Delete to even to try to trick it to stop popping up; it will still be there in your face but hit NO. It takes a few tries but it works so you can tell your computer to do system restore and do things on your computer. Basically using task-manager to get around it but its still there and it wont close as I said but using the task-manager staying open will allow you to do things to do a system restore. After that download Kaspersky 2015 Internet Security (30 day full anti-virus or I recommend the Internet Security software). He apparently got rid of a file named roqni.dll. I just came on here to make sure he really got rid of it and to make sure if any else had to do something else to completely get rid of it and to help anyone else out. Make sure you delete the file in your temp folder that will help with the system restore. I believe my friend got rid of it but making sure of it was for his sake.

This not the same friend had this happen to him yesterday.

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Hi Shawn;  Thanks much for your follow up.  The sporadic problem with my monitor's screen suddenly going black hasn't happened; since I turned on my pc about 30 mins ago.  Anyway, I did do quite a bit of research last night, after sending you that first reply message and your recommendation that I need to have an anti-virus protection program in addition to the Malwarebytes anti-malware software which I've been solely relying on to protect my pc.

Based upon my research on the Bleeping Computer, SANS Institute, and LifeHacker websites about anti-virus / anti-malware protection and the many associated software programs that are available for free or to purchase; the overall indication was that the Avast software was of the best anti-virus program which is supposedly free to download and Malwarebytes was the best for anti-malware protection.  According to the LifeHacker report; Malwarebytes' priority & main focus is to stay on the forefront of protecting their users from the newly created malware, termed "Zero-day" or "Zero-hour" type of malware.  Malware that they don't target is usually older types that might not have been seen for a few years and they leave that kind of protection up to the anti-virus software vendors.

Shawn; are you at all familiar with Avast and/or have heard anything about their anti-virus program from any others who have tried or do use their product?  I had never heard of Avast, but the LifeHacker report stated that the user base of their anti-virus software is 184 million people worldwide which would indicate to me that their anti-virus product must be pretty good.

I also read that you shouldn't have or run 2 anti-virus software programs in your pc, because they will conflict with each other and diminish their abilities to protect your pc.  But generally, there won't be any conflict between 2 different mfgs' anti-malware software programs that you have installed in your pc.

However with regards to having & using both an anti-Virus software (MSE or Avast) and an anti-Malware program (Malwarebytes) to protect my pc; I have a question that I couldn't find the answer to from my research on those websites which you very possibly could answer for me.  With the anti-Virus program running real-time protection; do you think that it is okay and won't cause any conflict between the 2 software programs by also running the Malwarebytes anti-Malware program in real-time or would it be better to change the functionality of my "Malwarebytes Pro" program to "on-demand", instead of it's currently set real-time function?

Oh; I just remembered, Shawn, one other unrelated question that I wanted to ask you which has to do with a computer's "Disk Clean-up" maintenance program.  When I do the "Disk Clean Up" maintenance on my pc.  One of the listed line items with a box to check, is "System Error Memory Dump Files".  Should I be checking that box to have those files deleted that are in this "System Error Memory Dump Files" folder or whatever it is?  I've only been checking the boxes to delete the files of those in  "Temporary Internet", "Thumbnails", and a couple others.  I have no idea what the "System Error Memory Dump Files" are and if, any of those files may possibly be useful and shouldn't be deleted or what.

Thanks so very much for taking the time to talk, help, and share with me your expertise & feedback on my pc issues and questions.  Have a great weekend.


Tom Reeves

Irvine, Ca                

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Good evening Mr. Maverick Hawk 5;

Greatly appreciate you taking the time to read & respond with your feedback & recommendations on my sudden pc problem with the screen sporadically going black 2-3 times within just a few seconds and then being fine for a minute or two; only to have it start doing this, again.

Anyway; I turned on my pc a couple hours ago to get any new emails.  Since then; I have sent a reply to Shawn's latest message and now typing this reply back to you and so far; I haven't experienced any of the screen blackout occurrences that were happening last night.

I'm not 100% sure about this, but your call of my last night's screen blackout problem is likely due to the Trojan Virus, "Obupdat.exe", is right on the money.  Because last night, while I was on the computer and the screen blackouts were happening.  I recall that a Malwarebytes pop-up box had come up, indicating that it had found a Trojan and had quarantined it.  A few hours ago, when I got on my pc and before I saw your emailed reply message.  The first thing that I did was run a full Malwarebytes scan of my pc which came up with 0 infected files and then, went to the Malwarebytes program's quarantine page to permanently delete that Trojan which Malwarebytes had found & quarantined last night.

I wish, now, that I had written the name down the name of that Trojan, before I had permanently deleted it this evening from the Malwarebytes quarantine.  But, I do recall and am pretty sure that "Obupdat" was part of that Trojan's name which Malwarebytes showed to be quarantined.  But, here's my question.  If, it were the same Trojan that you mentioned in your message which Malwarebytes had quarantined last night and I continued to get those sporadic screen blackouts even after it had been quarantined.  Wouldn't those blackouts have stopped happening right then?  Oops!  Maybe I've spoken to soon and have mentioned all this for no reason.  Because just right now, I've experienced 3-4 quick screen blackouts for the first time this evening.  Guess, I better try doing the system restore process that you suggested to hopefully stop once & for all this blackout bs from continuing.

Any other thoughts, Maverick and again, thanks much.

Tom R.


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Avast is a very popular antivirus program and many users like it. I prefer to use Microsoft Security Essentials, but there's no problem if you choose to use Avast instead.  Since MalwareBytes is not actually an antivirus, it's OK to run Avast and MalwareBytes together at the same time, they can complement each other.

As for the Disk Cleanup, it is safe to remove those memory dump files. Those are generated automatically when a failure occurs, and can be used for very intensive troubleshooting when required, but they aren't really useful for normal folks (not even for me haha!) and can be cleaned out.

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Hello TRReeves,

It's been a month-and-a-half since your problems, but they may not be over. When a Trojan puts a virus into your system it can, 1, create the virus application from scratch which it then adds as a service to be unknowingly run by Windows on startup, or 2, "inject" the virus into an existing Windows system program, driver, or library routine. If it has "injected" per method #2, then when an anti-virus program "removes" the virus, your Windows system is left damaged -- the anti-virus program has no way to replace the code that the virus "injected" and put back the original system code. Either revert to a previous restore point, or perform a system refresh beginning with the original copy of Windows followed by any service packs that have been issued for that version of Windows.

Restore Or Windows Refresh?

Restoring is a lot easier and faster than refreshing, plus after a restore, you might only need to reinstall or reconfigure a few recent applications (or not, depending upon what you've done since your last restore point was created), whereas with a refresh you run the risk of losing everything (so, back up now!) and having to reinstall everything from scratch. However, if you know how to do the refresh (which partly depends of which version of Windows you are running), it can yield better results than a restore because you won't lose anything. In other words, a flubbed refresh could lose everything, or if successful, lose nothing, whereas a restore will always lose something, but it is easy to do and if you remember what you did since your last restore point, it is simpler.

Why am I telling you this? Because you may find your system is flaky since the anti-virus application "cleaned" your system because of the damage to syste code that was left behind. A "successful" virus doesn't want to cause such damage, so it may take some time for you to discover something that doesn't quite work right -- understand?


PS: From what you wrote, I'd guess that the system code that the virus "injected" messed up your video driver. You may have already reinstalled that driver, and if so, you may be done!

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