The case for Quick Basic in the 21st century

The case for Quick Basic in the 21st century.

Prior to the introduction of Windows 7, the files Qbasic.exe and
Qbasic.hlp were included in the self extracting zip file, olddos.exe,
which was available as a free download from Microsoft. It's no longer

Early in 2013 I asked this question of the Microsoft Community; "How do I
obtain permission to store a copy of Qbasic on my web pages that can be
downloaded by anyone wishing to do so? Permission is all I require."

I was given verbal permission in a phone conversation with a Microsoft
representative. He said the software was obsolete and of no further use
to Microsoft. I couldn't expect more than a verbal OK in this case.

I've stored the necessary info for downloading Qbasic at this address;

If Qbasic was installed in every computer on earth, it would be one of
the greatest communication tools emerging from the 20th century. There's
nothing else in the world that could compare in this field. The problem
now is that XP is the latest Windows version that will properly run the
software, and most folk have progressed beyond that.

Quick Basic can be used to great advantage to generate the frames for
animations. Here's an example from part 2 of my latest venture;

But creating such animations is very time consuming and the files can
be extremely large. The Qbasic file which generated the frames is included
in the link following the animation and is only 2538 bytes. Posting a file
or providing a link to it can provide the equivalent of an animation that
could fill up a hard drive. Unlimited user input is also a feature of the 
Qbasic animation.

The true value of Quick Basic is also evident in part 1 of my latest
venture. I use Qbasic to establish an average gravity force variation from
the normal resulting from Mercury's motion to and from the Sun throughout
its elliptical orbit. Calculations are performed at as many steps as
deemed necessary. i.e. For 1 second intervals, that would be 7603200 steps
where calculations are performed. I can post the program on a newsgroup or
store it on a web page. It can then be copied and pasted into Qbasic.
Everything is clearly set out and completely falsifiable.

If anyone is interested, there's a link to that program at this address;

Max Keon

Why are there no forums for my questions involving obsolete software?

The Windows Forum seems to be the closest match for my purpose? I
attempted to open a discussion in that forum involving Quick Basic, but
the moderator apparently rejected my submission. Which is understandable.

But I do believe that it would be in Microsoft's best interest to at least
hear what I have to say. Now stored here.

How can this be achieved?

Max Keon

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Hmm. Your discussion relates to Quick Basic but the moderator rejected your submission ?

I wouldn't know about a Quick Basic forum, but they must have some very strict relevancy rules.

Maybe, the mod didn't read what you posted and thought you were spamming a software,

though one of your links, or a malware in the download ?

"But I do believe that it would be in Microsoft's best interest to at least hear what I have to say. "

These are only community forums devoted more to day to day garden variety problems.

No one from  MS high command is likely to see your post here.

I see a very technical discussion which is well beyond the scope of these forums (myself, and probably most Windows users).

Your concepts may be better discussed on this sites Discussions forum (found in the Type tab),

or on the -   Technet forums -

You may find someone there who understands what you are talking about who can

steer you in the right direction. ;)


Hi Max,

Sorry sorry sorry!

That's was my fault - hanging together with my non-existent moderator rights in MSN forum where your original thread still sits:

I already asked that that thread will be moved to Windows forum...



Later Edit: my fault meanwhile corrected with the help of two other moderators :)


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