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I was wondering if you might be able to help me I have got an Kodak Esp C310 Printer but the last few days I have had problems with it where when I tell it to print all I get up is it saying Spooling Outbind. I have uninstalled/reinstalled all the printer software a few times and that makes no fifference. When I do get it to print, which is not often, I then restart my computer and I am back to it not working.
I am running Windows 7.



I would suggest you to try the methods and check if it helps.

Method 1:

Run the fixit from the following Microsoft Fixit article and check if it helps.

Printing problems and printing errors:


Method 2:

Try to remove the printer and reinstall it and check if it helps.


Method 3:

Try the steps provided in the following Microsoft article and check if it helps.

Printer problems in Windows:


Hope the information is helpful.

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