Q: Programs close-faulting module NTDLL.DLL

Faulting Module NTDLL.DLL

A couple of days ago programs started closing with no error. When I look up the report in Event Viewer I see that the faulting module is ntdll.dll This is really getting annoying since it is hampering my ability to do my job. This affects programs such as Chrome, FireFox, Apache, and Spyware Doctor.



Fault with ntdll.dll must have been the nvidia driver update. Reinstalled windows updated but left off the nvidia display update and all is well pity I couldn't roll back but hey alls well that ends well. Many thanks to all for the help.


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Do you get this problem if you test from Safe Mode?

Advanced startup options (including safe mode)

If the problem is not reproducible in Safe Mode see if you can follow the next article and isolate the cause.

How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7

You could also test for the problem when logged on as another user (which you may need to create for testing purposes).

Try running ChkDsk to check your drive for errors. Right-click your Drive icon/ Properties/ Tools/ Error Checking.  Try it first by not checking either box (this will run it in a Read-only mode) to see if it flags any hard drive or file problems.  If it does, restart  it by ticking both boxes, and rerun it to allow it to attempt to fix any found problems.

A check for malware might be worthwhile too.

I see lots of recommendations here for programs like -

Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware


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