Problems removing SpeedBit Video Accelerator. Help?

Hi. I recently tried installing SpeedBit Video Accelerator to speed up the buffering of YouTube videos (since I have a 10 mbit/s connection but even 720p videos were still having buffering issues) but the application would not work. Specifically, it would not accelerate any videos. I don't know why, nor do I particularly care why; I just want the software off of my computer. And that is what this post is about.

Upon attempting to uninstall SpeedBit VA, I was greeted with an error stating that the uninstaller could not find "INSTALL.LOG". Upon inspection however, the INSTALL.LOG file was in the SpeedBit VA installation folder in Program Files (x86); I don't know why it "couldn't find it." In any case, I moved the INSTALL.LOG file to a different location, ran the uninstaller again, and this time the uninstaller asked me to locate the INSTALL.LOG file for it, which I did, and it then proceeded to successfully uninstall the application. Then I rebooted my computer.

It appeared that SpeedBit was gone, but I wanted to check to be sure, so I went back to the SpeedBit folder in Program Files (x86) to make sure it had been completely removed. Unfortunately, it had not been; several DLLs still persisted; and worse yet, they would not let me delete them, as they were "in use." I proceeded to close all of my running applications and kill all unnecessary background processes until nothing but Windows itself was still running, and tried again to delete the DLLs. This time it worked, and I thought my troubles were over. However, I was, unfortunately, incorrect.

Deleting, specifically, the sblsp.dll file, resulted in virtually all of my programs being unable to connect to the internet. I eventually figured out that Internet Explorer, for whatever reason, had not been affected however, so I used it to re-download SpeedBit VA, which I then proceeded to reinstall. Voila  my internet was working again.

Unfortunately, I was back to where I started — the wretched, practically malware-like SpeedBit VA software was still on my computer. Running the uninstaller again removed most of the program (after having to fix the INSTALL.LOG problem again), but once again the DLLs persisted. I rebooted and then again cleared all running non-Windows processes and deleted the SpeedBit VA DLLs, but this time I made a backup of the sblsp.dll file. As expected, my internet was broken again. So I restored the sblsp.dll file to the SpeedBit VA folder and my internet resumed working.

And I simply cannot figure out how to remove sblsp.dll without breaking my internet connectivity.


A few things: (i) I am a relatively advanced computer user  feel free to interact with me as such if you wish (as doing so would likely accelerate the troubleshooting process; pun not intended); (ii) the SpeedBit VA uninstaller will not completely remove the entire application no matter how many times I reinstall/uninstall it (or run the uninstaller in admin mode for that matter); the only way to do so is via the manual route I described above; but, as mentioned, that breaks my internet connectivity; (iii) I have tried repairing my internet connection with Windows Network Diagnostics after fully removing Speedbit VA; it was unable to diagnose the problem (or detect that anything was wrong for that matter); (iiii) system restore is disabled and, hence, there are no available restore points.

The ideal solution would be to manually repair my internet connectivity after deleting the sblsp.dll file  if that's something you guys would know how to help me with.



P.S.: For reference, OS is Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit edition. Very clean Windows install; almost no background processes, and none that I would imagine are likely to have any relevance to this issue. Nor any malware or anything of the sort (due to a combination of my own proficiency in avoiding malware and of running Microsoft Security Essentials).


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In additions to Sandeep V's comment,

First, verify that the time, date/yəar & time-zone are set correctly

<<Set the clock>>

Cləar up your Temp File/Cache. Cləan up the system (cləaring out all the temp/tmp folders, and included all offline content, cləaring the browser tif, delete cookies, do a Disk Cləanup.


(Important: One of the normal steps in eliminating malicious programs is to entirely delete the contents of all Temp folders.

Click Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > Disk Cləanup


Best and əasier to use - CCleaner.

Download the basic (slim) build via


The basic (slim) build does not contain the disgusted Toolbar

DO NOT USE ANY Advanced cləaning options. DO NOT TOUCH THE REGISTRY. At least not for now.


Download a FREE program called Revo Uninstaller>. it will uninstall any program completely including trace files of programs. works grəat, you shouldn't have any more problems reinstalling after you uninstall with this program.

Just DON'T allow the computer to reboot if the uninstall portion of Revo asks if you want to reboot now or later.

Select later and allow Revo to finish səarching for orphan registry entries.


Reboot after Revo finishes.


Download, install, update, and run scans with both of these free anti-malware tools:

A very good antimalware app are SUPERAntiSpyware (SAS) and MalwareBytes Anti-Malware (MBAM) .

The recommendation is to use the intelligent quick scan routinely, and do full scans either on a longer periodicity--weekly, monthly--or only when something is found or you have some rəason for suspicion

MalwareBytes AntiMalware (MBAM)


SUPERAntiSpyware (SAS)



Run the Microsoft Safety Scanner


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