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I received the error - Catalyst control center: host application has stopped working. I uninstalled Catalyst control center from device manager and rebooted - after uninstall and reboot i got same message saying Catalyst control center: host application has stopped working - Ihave also checked for driver updates in device manager and device manager said my driver updates were up to date.



I just got an answer from AMD for a known problem with Catalyst Control Center and Windows 7.  Here you go.  It worked for me the first time after a lot of troubleshooting.


How to resolve CCC not loading/opening when initializing it.


Scenario: The user attempts to open/load the CCC through various methods, but it fails to load. The issue may happen with no changes to the system or a Catalyst driver update or reinstall. This is issue mainly affects Windows 7 machines.


Cause: Possible corruption of the Windows Global Assembly Cache (GAC). This usually requires the user to format and reinstall Windows.


Resolution: This solution has been tested - reproduced and resolved.


Remove all ATI through programs and features in the Control Panel using the Catalyst Install Manager (CIM). Reboot the system in safemode and do the following:


-          Delete all ATI folders in C:\programs files and C:\programs files (x86)

-          Go to C:\Windows\assembly and sort by "Public Key Token". Locate the following Public Key Token "90ba9c70f846762e" that is

-          associated with ATI. Usually only 2 entries. Delete the 2 entries. Note: the entries should be deleted (right click and choose uninstall) in safemode since regular

-          mode may result in a permissions error. The 2 entries only show up in systems affected by this issue. This means that searching for the 2 entries on systems where CCC loads, the entries are not there.

-      Shut down and re-start normally.

-          Reinstall the ATI Catalyst package.


Hopefully this will get you back in working order!

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