Help using MSICUU2.exe (Win7 64bit Home Premium)

I want to use Windows Installer Clean Up Utility, when I download it (from here) I install it, but nothing shows up. Please don't give me a kb link that doesn't have the download please. All I want to do is remove some entries in which I normally could not because in CCleaner it says that "Cannot delete MSI installer" and I don't have the installer. 
Please help! I haven't really done anything, I don't know where to start. Any help is appreciated!

EDIT: I figured how to run it. Don't put in MSICUU2.exe in Start. Put in Windows Clean Up and that should show it up if it's downloaded correctly. For future people to see, click here to download.

                  Please read everything, it includes many mistakes that could completely mess up                                                                 your computer regarding MSICUU2.exe
 I am NOT responsible for any mandatory actions. The link I provided is NOT a virus, I used it myself. MSICUU2 is COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. It is for people who need to "Clean Up" their computer. Any and ALL actions are permanent. NEVER DELETE ANYTHING PROVIDED MY MICROSOFT. Many things use Microsoft's program in the background and could obviously fail without them. MSICUU also delete things from the Registry and leaves no trace of that program.

MSICUU2.EXE DOES NOT UNINSTALL THINGS IT IS STRICTLY ONLY REGISTRY. That is a common mistake. It deletes it from the registry so therefore, impossible to uninstall legitimately. Even if it has it's own "unin0000.exe" UNINISTALL WHAT EVER YOU CHOOSE BEFORE USING MSICUU ON IT

Many only want this to delete Office from the registry DON'T use the manual way instead. I did that and it didn't work so now I have to use the manual way anyways. Using MSICUU on Office could make matters worse, considering I'm guessing you want it because you previously download 32bit of Office.

Why do you want to use the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility?  The Windows Installer Cleanup utility was not intended to remove the "MSI Installer." Rather, it removed partially-installed applications (see this).  Instead of using the Installer Cleanup Utility, many frequent contributors here suggest the use of free Revo Uninstaller.

AFAIK, Microsoft removed the Installer Cleanup Utility from its download servers not because it had issues particularly related to Windows 7, but because it sometime removed more than it was supposed to ("While the Windows Installer Cleanup utility resolved some installation problems, it sometimes damaged other components installed on the computer.")  For this reason -- and on general principles -- prudence suggests that before running the Cleanup Utility or msizap (which primarily was used in Win XP to removed "orphaned" install information) you should at least back up the registry or preferably create a full disk image.

If despite the above, you still want to use the Installer Cleanup Utility, I don't know about the Softpedia download, but this one is reliable -->

On XP, per Ramesh's site above, "When you install the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility, three files are copied to the "C:\Program Files\Windows Installer Clean Up" folder, namely msicuu.exe, msizap.exe and readme.txt."  On Win 7, look in C:\Program Files (x86).

The Cleanup Utility should work in Win 7.  Although "Support Engineers" don't always seem to have the best information, see the Answer from Umesh P here -->

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