Q: Flashpaper 2 Compatibility w/ Windows 7

I am having trouble installing Flashpaper 2 on my computer running Windows 7. It works on a computer running XP. One strange thing during install was an error message that just disappears. It read: Error 1904. Module C:/Windows/system 32/Macromed/Flash/Flash.ocx. Failed to register. Does anyone have an idea as to what may be wrong?




Hi cacorreia,


This is caused by insufficient permissions in the Windows registry.


Verify that you have local administrator permissions when installing FlashPaper.


1.Log into Windows with an account that has local administrator privileges.

2.To check to see if you are a local administrator:

•Right-click on My Computer.

•Select Manage.

•Expand Local Users and Groups, select Groups, double-click on Administrators and verify your account is listed.

3.After confirming that you are a member of the Administrator group, install FlashPaper from the software installer.


You may also refer the below mentioned link and follow the steps provided.


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How to install FlashPaper2 on Windows 7


I've wrote the solution here:



This required using Microsoft's Windows Print Migrator 3.1 and exporting a working WinXP FlashPaper2 printer to a .cab file



Step 1: Uninstall FlashPaper2, if applicable


Step 2: Run uninstall_flash_player.exe

Low Trust Users: Download latest @


Step 3: Run FlashPaper2Installer.exe

Low Trust Users: Download latest trial @


Step 4: Run printmig.exe

Low Trust Users: Download @


Step 5: Load @

(Low Trust Users create your own on a XP machine w/ successful FlashPaper2 install using printmig.exe via Actions > Backup...)


Click Actions, or press Alt + A

Click Restore..., or press R

Locate, click Open

Wait for process to complete...



Step 6: Open Devices and Printers


Right-click "Macromedia FlashPaper", select Printer Properties

Click on the Ports tab

Verify the FlashPaper port is checked.

Click OK

Verify the "Macromedia FlashPaper" printer is online.


You're good to GO!


Step 7: Re-install latest Flash Player @


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