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I'm running W7 RC1 on my new thinkpad.  All apps work fine except those that seem to rely upon net framework such as Schwab's Street Smart Pro which was designed for 2.0 and is supposedly compatible with 3.5 in version 4.20.    At first 4.19 ran fine but when I upgraded to 4.20 it didn't work at all, although by then I was docked as opposed to running off the undocked laptop (although I don't see how that should make a difference).  Also having problems with Zinio reader's licensing process.  And SSH Secure shell won't run.  OTher than that, very cool. 

My specific question is: what version if any of net framework is installed with RC1?




Michael A. Dover,

Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Beta Support Forum located here . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams. You may want to post your question there for additional assistance.

Also, head on over to Microsoft Springboard for other valuable resources.

Microsoft TechNet / Springboard

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