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I recently installed Windows 7 onto my laptop, upgrading from Windows Vista.  I had Windows Media Player 11 on Vista and I understand Windows Media Player 12 comes with Windows 7.  However, the first time I tried playing some music, Windows Media Player 12 was just a desktop shortcut.  The program had deleted itself some how. This would not be a problem if I could download another copy.  But the two Windows Media packs for KN and N Windows both say they are incompatable with my computer.   Can anyone help? or must I abandon my music listen on my computer?



Hi Tide Man,


·         What is the edition of Windows 7 operating system installed, is it KN or N edition?

·         Did you ever able to play music in Windows 7 media player?


Windows 7 KN or N edition does not come with Windows Media player, but you can download them and install. If you’re doing this and the message says incompatible with Windows 7, then I would like to know from where you are downloading this packs and the complete message.


If windows media player comes with your edition, you can enable it instead of downloading and installing. Check in Windows Features Turn on/off from Control Panel -> Programs and Features, if Windows media player is listed in Media Features in “Turn Windows features on or off” at left pane of the Programs and Features window, enable it if it is there, if not, provide more information about the issue so that we can help assist you better.



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