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This is not a question but a solution that took me about a month to find.  Consistently found Alt Tab to change programs would not work, and when I hovered over the taskbar at the bottom of the screen, the postage stamp image of the application would flash on once then disappear.  Sometimes I could just not get an open application to maximise.

Usually use my HP laptop at a workstation but when using it in another location noticed the problem had disappeared.  Figured there was something about the workstation.  Tried back at the workstation and through a process of trial and error found it was a Logitech Skype USB Speaker Phone.  It is a fairly old model - maybe 2007 - which I got as a freebee when I purchased a PC.  It doesn't seem to like Windows 7.  Unplugged it and there is no further problem.

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We all love the good old Alt + Tab feature of Windows to quickly switch between opened windows. Though Windows Vista and Windows 7 provide Flip 3D feature to switch between opened windows, most users still love the Alt + Tab feature.

If you regularly use the Alt + Tab feature, then here is a small utility to fine tune it. Alt + Tab Tuner is a small tool to tweak Alt + Tab settings with ease.

With Alt + Tab Tuner one can tweak Alt + Tab margins, thumbs grid, spacing, icon shift and size, thumbs size, and transparency. On top of that, it also allows you switch to the old Alt + Tab dialog.

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