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Hey Everyone. First Problem I haven't been able to find a fix on the Internet already. Where better to come then here!

I am trying to find out how to type in Hiragana on Windows 7, I know how to do it on XP but no idea in 7.

I open up the Language Bar and set it to Japanese (see Fig 1) and yet I cannot find the change input button. If I click the Kana Button it shows up as some Japanese which I don't even this is Kanji (see Fig 2) any Help would be much appreciated. 


Fig 1:

Fig 2:







Hi nrg800,

Before you can change the input language that you want to use, you need to make sure that the input language has been added.

•Click the Input language button on the Language bar, and then click the input language you want to use.


You may refer the steps in the below mentioned link.


Hope this information helped!


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