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Very strange problem.  I go to to get the NetFlix add in for Media Center, already installed it on a different machine running Windows 7 with no problem.  I get all the normal warning messages, Media Center finally launches, then nothing, it just sits there waiting for me to do something.  No error messages, no complaints.  On the other machine I immediately get a log in screen for NetFlix and everything works fine.  The only real difference between the machines is that this one is a laptop with Windows pre-installed and the machine that works is one I built myself.

Don't even know where to start looking and don't seem to find anyone else with a similar problem.




I re-ran the Media Center setup, after trying a million other things.  For some reason that fixed it.  I just went to settings>general>windows media center setup>run setup again. Then selected "Express".   No idea what was wrong or why it didn't work before, I did run the Media Center Setup the first time it opened.  After re-running setup, Netflix was in the menu under Movies.



Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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