Q: 64-bit Explorer.exe memory leak

When I run a Check Disk through the GUI, Explorer.exe consumes all of RAM, leaving me with none for my primary activities; chkdsk was being run as a side task for me.  When I cancel the chkdsk part way through, Explorer.exe continues to consume more and more RAM.  I have read that chkdsk consumes all of memory, save for ~50 MB by design (poor design this is), yet this does not explain why Explorer.exe itself continues to consume RAM even after chkdsk.exe is done and gone.  I have Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit version, running with 96 GB RAM.  There's no valid reason for Explorer.exe or Chkdsk.exe to consume all of that RAM.

In this instance, I brought a drive from home to check here at the office.  I do not want to devote all of my office system and my time to this one task, I do have work to be done and would very much prefer that chkdsk.exe run as a background task with very little memory usage.





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