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Windows 7 ISO Download

Timothy Westman-Barth asked on

I assume there's still an official place to download Windows 7 from somewhere on one of Microsoft's websites. I have a laptop that ran Windows 7 Home Premium, the HDD failed (don't know exactly what happened, honestly I don't care, I replaced it with a larger hard drive that I had lying around collecting dust) I need to redownload Windows 7 Home Premium from somewhere so I can burn an ISO file to a 16 GB flash drive to use to reinstall Windows 7 Home Premium to the laptop. I don't need to "buy" Windows 7 again, as I already have the activation key, all I need is a download link. A download link straight to an ISO file would be most preferable. However, I do have another computer (a few actually) that I can use to download the Windows 7 Upgrade Assistant onto to create a bootable installation drive from that. I don't know if (even if I could find that) it would work running on Windows 8.1 (which is the OS installed on the computer I'll be using to create the drive).

Any thoughts on where I might find such a download link? If you could just link me to one that'd be best. I'll state again, I'd *REALLY* like an official download through Microsoft.

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32 bit Windows 7 Home Premium



64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium





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SnorriMagnússon replied on

Where can I download newest Windows 7 professional 64 bit iso image ?

I have a valid license key.
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