Q: Windows 7 activation error 0xC004C020

I have a genuine product key of Windows 7 which I used several times on the same computer every time I reinstall Windows 7. In every installation, activation could be done successfully. But this time after reinstalling windows, I tried to activate Windows 7 but activation failed!


The activation server reported that the multiple activation key has exceeded its limit.

Could you help me understand and solve this problem?



Try reactivating by telephone:

Activate Windows 7 manually:
1. Click Start, and in the Search box type :  slui.exe 4

2. Press ENTER on your Keyboard

3. Select your Country.
4. Select the Phone Activation option, and hold on for a real person.

Why do you need to be reinstalling Windows so many times on your machine. If you doing testing or software development, trying creating backup images of your installation which you can restore and use for various scenarios.

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Adding to the suggestions of Ron and Andre Da Costa,


See How to troubleshoot Volume Activation error codes on Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 and Windows Vista-based computers

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