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Win741.com Activation

joshua.nicolay asked on
I purchased a downloaded copy of Win7 from Win741.com back in October (I believe). OS has worked great, but I decided to reformat my HD last week just for housekeeping purposes. After reformatting, I used my roommate's Win7 CD to load the OS back onto my laptop, but I don't have the activation code from when I originally downloaded Win7 from Win741.com. How do I go about getting my activation code from when I downloaded Win7 back in October?

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Samhrutha G replied on

Hi joshua.nicolay,


To get the product key, you may check your previous mails when you purchased Microsoft product, as the product key data would have been sent to you to your mail id.


With purchase details, you may even contact Digital River. Refer the below link for the same: https://store.digitalriver.com/DRHM/servlet/ControllerServlet?Action=DisplayHelpPage&SiteID=msshus&Locale=en_US&Env=BASE&resid=S5hBwQoBAkgAAD@i2IIAAAAm&rests=1268269503627


Thanks and Regards:

Samhrutha G S - Microsoft Support.

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