Q: Returning a Laptop / Installing Win7 on New One?


I had a Sony laptop which came pre-installed with Vista (but there was no operating system disk supplied).

I purchased Windows 7 Full Home Edition which I installed on this laptop.

Now this laptop has become faulty, so I need to return it back to the company that sold it to me. I'll need to return it with Windows 7 on it since I can't downgrade it back to Vista (since I don't even have an installation disk for Vista as previously mentioned).

The seller has agreed to ship me a replacement. My question is will I be able to install my copy of Windows 7 on my new laptop since I already installed and activated it on the one thats now being returned. If not, what could I do?



Not as long as Windows 7 is installed on the laptop you are returning.  Instead, you can use the Active@ KillDisk utility to erase the hard drive:

Download Bootable ISO Image of Active@ KillDisk to burn CD and return the computer with no operating system.

Carey Frisch
Windows Expert - Consumer

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