Norton Ghost HD image not booting correctly

I wanted to upgrade my Vista 64bit computer to Win 7 64bit and SSD drive.  So I first make a copy of my Vista HD with Ghost on the SSD with the MBR and active options. I then removed the original HD and put the SSD in the system to boot.  This used to work fine but now something was different (maybe copy protection), the system would not boot.  I then ran the VISTA CD to do a repair and the system booted but when I logged on I got just a blue screen (no icons, etc) after a long time of "preparing your desktop".  I also got a new option during bootup "Window 2007 server operating system".

So I scrapped that idea and started again.  Maybe if I upgrade my BIOS,chipset and run the Win7 upgrade on the HD, I can then migrate to the SSD after.

I then ran the Win 7 upgrade and spent hours with the online updates.  I got the system to Win7 64bit SP1.  I installed Ghost on the system and made a clone of the HD on the SSD with the MBR and active options.  The sysem booted to the log on screen and then when I logged on I got the "preparing the desktop" and then a blank blue desktop.  The screen had in the lower right corner Window not genuine.  I then did a repair with the Win7 CD and it said it fixed something but on reboot the same resulting blank blue screen desktop. 

At this point I am stuck until I can fix the Win7 64bit SSD system. Also I need to know how to remove the "Windows 2007 server system option at bootup".  It waits 30 seconds until it automatically selects Window 7 system during bootup.

Not-genuine messages can result from corrput or tampered licensing files.  Windows is not copy protected in the sense that some form of encryption is used on the dvd.  Windows uses licensing technology.  The fact that you are running into lots of issues suggests to me that you would be better off not trying to image the system from the HDD to the SSD.  You would long ago have been up and running on your new SSD had you done a clean installation of Windows 7 in the first place.  It takes an hour to do a clean install. 
Colin Barnhorst

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