Q: I cannot activate Windows 7 after a clean install.

Windows 7 activation (upgrade) after clean reinstall

hi guys,

I'm experiencing the problem with Windows 7 upgrade version. I was using WIn 7 few months without any issues. Win7 was installed over windows Vista in my case.
But few days ago I've decided to make clean reinstall (from scratch, formated HDD).

The installation was funny until I have got the error message telling me that my key is not for the clean installation and I cannot activate the system. I just left the field for key empty and the windows started.

I thought that I will activate the system in 'normal' mode not during installation. So I have now fully installed Windows 7 and I cannot activate it - because the installation was made not M$ 'mroper way'. Very funny So the 'proper way' is to install windows Vista and upgrade it to windows 7?

The system was activated on this PC (the same harware 100%) before so I cannot do this again? I cannot even show Vista installation CD, installation key etc?

Is there other way to activate it?





I just followed the information from the link: The option 3 was helpful for me.
Thnaks again for help

Did this solve your problem?

Sorry this didn't help.

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