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How can I download gatewaywindows7recovery disc?

CinPum asked on
Hi this Cin can I know how to down load gatewaywindows7programme software
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TrekDozer replied on

Gateway - Order Gateway recovery disks:

Gateway - Using System recovery:


Reinstall Windows Preinstalled On Computer

OEM computer manufacturers are required to provide at least one way for you to reinstall Windows if you buy a computer with Windows preinstalled - your computer should have included either a restore partition on your hard drive, or Windows install/restore disks. Most computer manufacturers also have a feature to make your own install disks.

If the restore partition is still there and was not removed, it will reinstall Windows. There is usually a prompt when you first start the computer telling you what key to press to start the restore - check your manual if you're not sure how to. Or if you have install disks - insert them, restart and boot from them to start the reinstall process.

If you restore it to factory condition, it will be like it was when you first bought it - all preinstalled programs will be installed. Anything you installed after buying it must be reinstalled. This will remove any personal files on the computer, back them up first.

If you don't have the restore partition or install disks:

Contact the OEM computer manufacturer and ask them to send you an install disk for your computer - they may charge a small fee. Contact information for the manufacturer of your computer can be found here:


Have Questions About Installing Windows 7?
FAQ - Common Windows 7 Installation Questions & Answers

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You can order one from Gateway:

New computers that come preinstalled with Windows 7 often have what is called a recovery partition. This is used to reinstall the operating system in the event of a system crash. To access it, you will need to boot into when you start your computer by pressing a function key. This can be either F1, F2, F9, F10, F11, F12 or even DEL or Tab key. Consult the owners manual that came with your PC for instructions about how to reinstall Windows.

Another option is to simply download a copy of Windows 7, burn it to a blank DVD and use your product key located on the COA sticker to reinstall and reactivate the license, then download the drivers for your computer:

COA Certificate of Authenticity:

Windows 7 (English) with Service Pack 1

Windows 7 Home Premium (x86) - X17-58996

Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) - X17-58997

Windows 7 Professional (x86) - X17-59183

Windows 7 Professional (x64) - X17-59186

Windows 7 Ultimate (x86)* - X17-59463

Windows 7 Ultimate (x64)* - X17-59465

ImgBurn - In addtion to supporting the creation of CD's from .ISO files,
it supports a wide range of other image file formats, and it's free.


Note: Always use the slowest burn speed (4x or 2x) if offered a choice.


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