Q: Can I use Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade OEM (Branded) key to do an Anytime Upgrade?

I came across some version called Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade OEM (Branded), which looked a lot like a standard upgrade key but with OEM license.  My question is: can I use the key provided in this version to upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium?  Or to some extent, can I use any standard upgrade key (supposed to be used for upgrading from Windows Vista/XP) to upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium?




It really boils down to - what key can I use to upgrade from Windows 7 Home Premium to Ultimate (i.e. Anytime Upgrade)?  Does it have to be "Anytime Upgrade" key, or a standard upgrade key will also do?

Anytime Upgrade will not work with OEM product Keys.

You can use a retail Upgrade or Full key, along with an Anytime Upgrade key.


If the disk says "Windows 7 Ultimate Upgrade OEM (Branded)" it is probably from the OEM computer manufacturer and is only good for the computer it came with. These disks were a special "OEM upgrade" if you bought a computer with Vista preinstalled around the time Windows 7 was released.



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