Q: \My Visioneer 8700 scanner worked O.K. under XP, Service Pack 3, but after loading into my new computer under Windows 7 & trying Compatibility mode program fails to start-help! This thread is locked from future replies

On trying to start the prog. Error msg "could not create the Paper Port link bar control".
Have tried several iterations of the Compatibility mode options-all fail.



Visioneer doesn't have Windows 7 (or Vista) drivers on their website for the 8700 so it might not be compatible. Two things to try:

With the scanner plugged into your computer and turned on run Windows Update, that could get compatible drivers.
If that doesn't work, download the XP drivers from their site and during the install process run them in compatibility mode. Sometimes that works, sometimes it wont. Note: their site says to use XP SP1.

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